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Since 1998, thousands of businesses have discovered the value of our unique approach to purchasing telecom network services including MPLS VPN Solutions. We allow you to shop for a broad range of service options from the nation's leading providers and offer free value-added services including free consulting, network design, and RFP services, all at no additional cost to our users.

We can design the best MPLS or VPN network to suit your needs and provide and compare the quotes from multiple providers quick and efficiently. If you have multiple offices that need to have internet and data connectivity then you need to connect them privately, securely and affordably. We offer proven, effective solutions. MPLS is the safest, most reliable, most affordable way to connect your offices and manage your VPN.

Benefits of Implementing an MPLS Network

  • MPLS provides Global Coverage - Connect locations in the USA and around the world.
  • MPLS provides Security - A network solution that protects your company's sensitive data.
  • MPLS provides Savings - Save on network costs vs Frame Relay and Private Line networks.
  • MPLS provides Simplicity - Simplify network management with any to any connectivity.
  • MPLS provides Scalability - Easily add new locations while preparing your network for voice and video.

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If you’re looking for a telecom broker that can offer you the MPLS service and VPN solution you need. You need to find a telecom solution that is effective, affordable and flexible enough for your company’s needs.

MPLS VPN Solutions offers its clients scalable VPN and MPLS network services that are at the very top of the range. We allow you to shop for the service options that suit you best from a selection of the nation’s leading providers. Instead of dealing with sales reps who are paid to benefit THEIR companies, our agents offer you unbiased information. Our agents are in it for the long run and won’t disappear once you’ve signed up for your MPLS service.

At MPLS VPN Solutions we are committed to designing the best scalable VPN or MPLS network for your needs. Instead of being offered on VPN solution, we’ll collect quotes and service descriptions from a few providers and allow you to make the choice. When needed, we’ll give you extra advice and information to make your decision a little easier. One thing’s for sure, at MPLS VPN Solutions we make sure that you find the MPLS service that is best for you.

The great thing about MPLS VPN Solutions is that we negotiate the best possible deals for you and manage your account in the future. We take all the stress and effort out of the start up process and allow you to sit back and reap the benefits.


You might be wondering why you should consider any of these telecom services. In fact, you might even want to know what all of these acronyms stand for in the first place. An MPLS network (multiprotocol label switching) provides users with a wide area network that connects multiple locations. We feel confident in telling you that this is the most innovative and advanced VPN (virtual private network) technology.

An MPLS network is perfectly suited to the current technology needs of your company and is advanced enough to be a great solution for the future as well. Such a network allows you to scrap multi-site monitoring of firewalls and is flexible enough for you to add or subtract as needed. With minimal latency you can enjoy interruption free network usage – which means a higher productivity rate for your business.


If you would like to get in touch with us, please give us a call on 888-853-9664 x3. Our consultants will be standing by Monday to Friday between 8h00 and 18h00 to provide you with any information you need.

Alternatively, feel free to use our quick online quotes link or follow the link to our contacts page if you would like to contact a specific department.